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UPDATE: Lion Air 737 Crashes Into Sea

Earlier today (29th October 2018) a Lion Air Boeing 737MAX crashed shortly after departing from the capital Jakarta. Flight JT610 lost contact with air traffic controllers after departing from Jakarta. The flight was operated by the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and is now the first major incident involving the 737 MAX aircraft, the registration to the MAX 8 was PK-LQP and was only delivered to Lion Air at the beginning of August this year. 

Flight radar data shows the rapid descent of the MAX jet, the aircraft plummeted in speed and also altitude after departing the airport at 6:20am local time from Jakarta. 

According to a spokesperson, the aircraft lost contact with controllers only 13 minutes into the flight at a 6:33am local time, this was when it was over the sea and according to all reports it did indeed crash into the sea. The 737 MAX 8 aircraft is capable of seating up to 210 passengers and this flight was carrying 189 passengers. It was confirmed that there were no survivors. The death toll means this is the second worst crash in Indonesian Aviation history. 

Currently, a Major search is underway to try and locate the aircraft, its flight data and the cockpit voice records which will all help aid investigators. There are three ships, a dozen search personal, and helicopters all aiding the search.

While the aircraft is still missing, small amounts of debris have been found, this includes safety vests and personal belongings. The debris indicate that the aircraft broke into pieces upon impact into the water.

Credit: @Sutopo_PN



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