United Airlines Pilots To Be Paid More

United Airlines Airbus A320 in San Francisco

United Airlines pilots are set to be paid on better terms following a new labour agreement being reached in principle over the past weekend.

In a new four-year deal, pilots will see increases up to 40%, as reported by the Air Line Pilots Association or ALPA. While the 40% won’t be immediate, it’ll grow over the coming four years, with a 14-18% raise in 2023.

United pilots aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to fight for better contracts, with recently WestJet pilots narrowly avoiding strike action as they sought better conditions.

Given the pilot shortage being seen widely across the industry, these pilots are utilising the situation to leverage better pay and conditions.

Updated pay rate for United Airlines captains.
United Airlines Captain pay rates.
United Airlines First Office pay rates.

While there are increases in pay for roles, benefits are also added, including flexible vacation time and extended sick leave, among others. All benefits, including those not mentioned, were added with the intent to improve the working conditions for the pilots.

The raise will also greatly depend on the aircraft type, as seen above. United joined American Airlines, Delta, and many other airlines that have seen their pilots agree to pay rises. While other major airlines see negotiations continue.

We promised our world-class pilots the industry-leading contract they deserve, and we’re pleased to have reached an agreement with ALPA on it. The four-year agreement, once ratified, will deliver a meaningful pay raise and quality of life improvements for our pilots while putting the airline on track to achieve the incredible potential of our United Next strategy.

United Airlines

Interestingly the union noted that this was a long time in the making, with discussion over agreeing to an updated salary taking multiple years. As such, it’s a relief that a deal in principle has been reached.

Daniel Fowkes
18 Jul 2023
· Airlines 

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