United Airlines Loses Almost $200 Million

Daniel Fowkes
19 Apr 2023
· Airlines 

United Airlines has announced its Q1 results, and similar to Delta, it has reported a net loss. Losses came in at $194 million, significantly lower than the loss reported for the first quarter a year prior.

United also reported revenues of $11.43 billion for the first quarter, marginally above what was initially expected.

While United has reported a loss for the first quarter, they don’t expect it to remain this way longer with travel demand surging. In addition, as international travel also continues to rebound, the airline has announced the most significant south pacific expansion in aviation history. Off the back of an already robust network, they see the summer season as one with huge potential.

However, even as United wants to flex its muscles this summer, there will be, to a certain extent, some constraints as well. This relates to aircraft delivery delays, primarily associated with the 737 MAX series, vital to the airline’s domestic capacity. Meanwhile, staff shortages in specific areas could also spark concern about how they can manage the demand they see.

Per Cirium data, United Airlines has 866 aircraft in service, accounting for 54% of its fleet. Meanwhile, a staggering 673 remain on order, making up 42%. The remaining 4% are for aircraft in storage, which total 65 units.

Of the aircraft on order, the most prominent is the 737-10, which remains uncertified. Alongside the 737 MAX, the A321neo family and 787-9 also need to be delivered in the future. These new acquisitions will be part of the airline’s plans to streamline.

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  1. I think you mean a loss of 194 million USD. Expressed in billions, that a gross national output somewhere….

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