United Airlines Eyes Denver For Growth

United Airlines Boeing 787-10 arriving into Frankfurt

United Airlines, a major U.S. carrier, is eyeing Denver to grow its operations as it has spent USD 33 million on 113 acres (46 hectares) of land north of the city.

An announcement regarding land purchase comes only a handful of months after the airline said it would expand Denver International Airport by adding new routes, flights and gates at the airport too.

The Chicago-based airline will focus significantly on the location for future operations, utilising some of the new land purchased to grow its employee base and concentrate considerably on the training centre, making it not only larger but indeed state-of-the-art.

As part of the continued United Next plan, what the other parts of the land hold regarding opportunities remains to be seen. However, United will be sure to assess all options thoroughly.

The United Next strategy is part of the future at the airline as it looks to increase the number of seats per flight in North America by 30%, alongside premium seats by 75%. While also expanding into more cities.

While some may believe it’s odd for United to buy land away from its natural home, United firmly believes investments in other key cities are a massive part of growing as a company, especially as it attempts to be there for all Americans.

Daniel Fowkes
07 Aug 2023
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  1. It’s adding more pilot training space closer to Denver International and away from land near the old Stapleton international Airport.

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