Turkish Airlines Eyes New Order With Airbus Or Boeing

Daniel Fowkes
01 May 2024
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A Turkish Airliens Airbus A350-900 rendering.

Turkish Airlines is considering purchasing more aircraft from Airbus or Boeing as part of growth plans.

The carrier has strong ambitions to achieve a fleet of some 800 aircraft and an employee base of 150,000 by 2033. Turkish Airlines will target other elements of growth as well.

As part of the latest order, Turkish Airlines, per its Chairman, would look towards buying 235 jets. Once awarded, the contract will be hugely important for the chosen manufacturer, even if there’s a split to ensure the lengthy production of existing programs.

More airlines are now looking to purchase aircraft in anticipation of future growth into the 2030s. As a result, aircraft programs are beginning to sell out.

At Airbus, their A320neo family was largely sold through to the beginning of the 2030s, and thanks to this, airlines requiring aircraft are now facing mounting pressures.

In the latter stages of 2023, Turkish Airlines became another airline to buy into the Airbus backlog with a purchase for up to 355 aircraft. Included in this were the popular A321neo series and A350 commitments to enhance its widebody fleet.

Towards the end of 2023, Turkish Airlines purchased hundreds of aircraft from Airbus, including the popular A321neo series, to boost its fleet – Photo: Alexander Lang 

A purchase of another 235 planes is considered the final part of the airline’s ambitious growth plans, bringing the total to 600 planes.

While the company is open to purchasing jets from either manufacturer, the long-term effects of the Boeing crisis are certainly being felt. Turkish Airlines cited the ongoing production, safety, and thus quality issues as catalysts for why it has been held off from purchasing aircraft.

The ongoing discussions about purchasing new aircraft with Boeing will cover these core aspects. Additionally, executives at Turkish Airlines have said that Boeing’s difficulties have stalled a decision for the second part of the aircraft order that was first placed at the end of 2023.

Turkish Airlines looks towards the success enjoyed at Emirates, Qatar Airways and more in the Middle East. These airlines have leveraged their geographical positioning to reach global markets.

As part of the long-term growth plans at the company, the hope is to achieve something similar from their home in Istanbul.

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