Turkish Airlines Approved To Begin Flying To Australia

Turkish Airlines has recieved approval to begin flying towards Australia with an eye to launch operations in the coming year to Melbourne and Sydney as part of a major network expansion

Turkish Airlines is inching closer to officially launching flights towards Australia, with approval being granted following a proposal.

The bilateral agreement means the major airline will make one-step services a reality sooner rather than later as part of global network growth.

Behind The Approval For Turkish Airlines

Previously, seven services per week were permitted between Turkey and Australia, but now there’ll be substantial increases. Carriers from the two countries will now be allowed to operate 28 frequencies per week from 2024.

However, this will increase towards 35 flights per week from the Northern Winter 2025 as part of the new agreement being reached.

As part of these 35 weekly flights in and out of Australia, the following cities are slated to benefit: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. However, the new upcoming Western Sydney Airport has also been included.

Singapore Changi will likely be the stopover point for Turkish Airlines’ planned operations towards crucial Australian markets.

Some expect a formal announcement from Turkish Airlines unveiling their planned Australian operations to be imminent. The scope of weekly services also offered them a substantial amount of flexibility.

More Competition Towards Europe

Adding Turkish Airlines to the Australian market will provide substantial competition, which is positive for customers.

Ultimately, the airline will provide another connection towards key European destinations alongside its expansive global network that can be reached through cities within Turkey.

However, even with the approval being granted, there have been question marks over the treatment of Qatar Airways, who had their appeals to increase flights to the country rejected.

Turkish Airlines’ View To Expand

In recent months, Turkish Airlines unveiled sizeable expansion plans to become an industry-leading carrier across the next decade.

As part of these plans, key executives believe the company will fly 800+ aircraft by 2033. Alongside these plans, the group should see revenues reach around 50 billion annually while contributing substantially to the Turkish economy.

The company needs more aircraft to fuel new expansion plans, including a total fleet and network spanning 400 destinations.

A commitment to the fleet was highlighted through a most recent order for 220 Airbus aircraft consisting of the A321neo and A350 families. These future planes paired with an expansive network should see the company move towards 170 million passengers carried annually.

Key untapped markets such as Australia have been considered essential in propelling the carrier forward into the future and allowing it to be viewed as a global force.

Daniel Fowkes
19 Dec 2023
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