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The Reputation of Rolls Royce

Problems first arose with the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines late last year. People since then have questioned the overall impact it would have on Rolls Royce. Now a year after the troubles began it seems the first carrier has emerged detailing their concerns with the reputation of Rolls Royce, that being Thai Airways who were also recently making headlines through their rumoured new widebody order for either the A350 or 777x.

Currently Thai airways is experiencing the Trent 1000 issues with at least four of their 787-8s now grounded awaiting spare parts to fix these engines. When commenting on the issues and delays the vice president of alliances at Thai Airways said “We have to do a lot of schedule changing,” Adding “There have been some delays and we will extend the phasing out period of certain types of aircraft, namely the 747-400 and possibly earlier versions of the 777, the -200s and non-ER -300s.” Thai Airways aren’t the first to report these issues and be impacted, however, it’s becoming apparent that problems are easing with Avianca welcoming back their entire 787 fleet into service. This was after all 12 of their 787s were grounded for up to a month completely throwing out their network.

The problem Thai Airways have identified is yes with the engine itself, but also the way Rolls Royce is dealing with it. The idea of compensation is being discussed but this still doesn’t fix the endless inconveniences that the carrier has experienced. “Compensation is one thing, but the impact, to be polite, to the brand, for customer satisfaction, and everything that comes with it, is relative to the compensation. I’m more concerned with the impact to the brand and everything else rather than the ultimate financial figures.”


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