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The British Airways A350-1000

In 2019 British carrier, British Airways will welcome their first Airbus A350-1000. An aircraft which will aid them in their fleet replacement and join up with existing aircraft like the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. Despite it being just under a year until they receive their first A350-1000 the airline is already releasing information about the cabin product and what will be on offer.

While the aircraft is getting many improvements the most notable thing on the A350-1000 that is missing is first class. The reasoning behind this decision is, however, very valid. Airlines like British Airways believe that First Class isn’t the way forward. They believe that improving their business classes are the key to success.

The airline will welcome just 4 A350-1000s into to their fleet during the year of 2019. However, the -1000s will work hand in hand with their Boeing 777s. The series or family of aircraft which the A350-1000 is meant to compete with. 

British Airways won’t be removing anything else from their new aircraft, they have an all new business class seat planned for the aircraft. The improved business class seat is what many have called a much-needed upgrade.

These business class seats will also be retrofitted onto two 777s during 2019. The seat will offer customers more space, direct aisle access. In addition, there will be more space to store your belongings and eat, thanks to the tray table. All these features will mean that the need for First Class is simply nonexistent.

The A350-1000s will eventually replace their Boeing 747. But plans to replace the aircraft have slowed down with the airline announcing that they’d be keeping 5 additional jumbo jets until 2020. Previously these 5 would’ve departed the airline before 2020. 


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