Thai Airways Begins Selling A380s

Thai airways airbus a380 departing london heathrow

Thai Airways has begun selling its Airbus A380s per Aerotime as it looks to dispose of the world’s largest passenger plane following difficult times.

The airline, like most, pulled the aircraft from service during the global pandemic; however, it has remained one of the airlines to keep it grounded even as demand surges.

While in 2022, the airline was reportedly mulling a decision to return the aircraft to service as demand steadily increased and a high-capacity jet could be required, it was eventually decided against. The airline wants to prioritise next-generation aircraft through a new order.

As a result of the A380 return being blocked out, the carrier needed to find a means to dispose of the aircraft. Ideally, this would be a method to make as much money as possible from them as the goal.

Aerotime says that now, however, Thai Airways has invited bidders to begin selling its A380s with a deposit of $50,000 per aircraft to be in by the end of September 12, 2023.

Thai Airways is selling six Airbus A380s as part of these plans. However, it isn’t ultimately the only aircraft the company has looked to sell through the years. This has included Airbus A340s and Boeing 747s, which have long been retired.

While Global Airlines, a described start-up airline from the U.K., is seeking to launch in 2024 with only Airbus A380s, the market for the world’s largest passenger plane in flying capacity is next to zero. The likelihood that these Thai Airways A380s, if bought, are turned into anything bar spare parts and scrap is minimal.

Interestingly, though, A.D. and S.B. checks on the aircraft haven’t been completed. If any bidder were successful, they would need to fly the aircraft out of Thailand before finalising whatever they desire from the plane, even if it’s scrapping. It puts Thai Airways in a position where acquiring such a jet may not be favourable.

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25 Aug 2023
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