Swoop To Be Shutdown By WestJet

swoop boeing 737 parked

WestJet has announced a significant change to its group by shutting down its low-cost arm, Swoop and integrating it into the mainline brand.

WestJet announced Swoop to further disrupt the Canadian market by bringing low costs to consumers in markets across the country. It was a direct response also to the continued rise of low-cost carriers in the scene, with new customers emerging seemingly every month.

The fleet of 737s, which included the 737-8, part of the MAX series, operated across a host of destinations. However, by the end of 2023, it will now be fully integrated into the operations at WestJet.

WestJet’s CEO explained that the group was confident in the decision to close the brand and integrate it with the mainline operations. Following a long-standing dispute with pilots over pay and working conditions, it’s a decision that almost led to a mass walkout a few weeks ago.

Following an agreement announced on June 9th between WestJet and the ALPA, the Air Line Pilots Association, the low-cost unit, would close. ALPA represents WestJet and Swoop pilots; a contract would likely have only been signed through this solution.

Swoop employees will move towards WestJet, and the existing route network will continue through October 28th, the timeframe when the airline anticipates a complete transition will be concluded.

Daniel Fowkes
12 Jun 2023
· Airlines 

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