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Daniel Fowkes
24 Feb 2023
· Airlines 

Struggling South African Airways has seen another payment from the local government of USD 55.1 million. This acts as a bailout for the struggling carrier.

The additional funding will allow the airline to pay off historical liabilities that were part of its rescue plan over an almost 18-month period. This was from December 2019 through April 2021.

Ultimately, South African Airways still has significant debts that need to be paid off, even with the latest bailout from the government. It comes following the sale of 51% of SAA to the Takatso consortium, notably this sale with debt free, meaning they won’t take on all the previously accumulated historical debt for new ownership.

Per Cirium data, the airline has only nine operational aircraft, with six remaining in service. Five In addition, the aircraft in storage are Airbus A340s. The airline has significantly downscaled its operations in recent years. While the pandemic impacted operations, SAA remained an airline before the pandemic that financially was also struggling.

An ongoing negotiation will occur regarding how the remaining debt will be paid off. However, the eventual sale transaction cannot happen until all remaining debt is cleared.

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  1. i remember when i was younger, in like 2015 and stuff I saw the South African Airways A340 coming in from Johannesburg. So sad that the type of aircraft and the airline is struggling

  2. SAA needs to get rid of the iconic A340s if they want to see some profitability. As cool as they might be, they are operationally inefficient. I hope to see significant growth with the A350.

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