Ryanair To Leave Bordeaux Airport From November

Daniel Fowkes
15 May 2024
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Ryanair has announced it will cease flying to and from Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport in November after the pair could not reach a deal. Here's a Ryanair Boeing 737

Ryanair has made a significant decision in the last few hours, announcing it’ll depart Bordeaux in November. As a result, no further flights will be offered.

The major low-cost airline that calls Europe home said that it regrets its decision to leave the location following an inability to reach a firm agreement with the airport to stay there.

Ryanair has had a base at Bordeaux-Mérignac for five years now. Therefore, it’s no small operation, with flight data indicating that the day-to-day operation from the airport is significant. The airport shares the same stance as Ryanair in that the move comes with deep sadness. While a base existed for five years, the pair have worked together for almost a decade and a half.

As a result of the latest development, the company confirmed that 40 routes to and from the airport would be cut, and 90 jobs would be lost. The jobs on the chopping board include pilots, engineers, and crew who are all based in the location.

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport said in a statement that it didn’t rule out potentially working with Ryanair again in the future. However, services to and from the location will cease in November 2024.

Ryanair hasn’t been afraid to be vocal about specific markets and their overall impact on the business. The budget carrier specifically cites the increased cost around the operation to and from the airport as a deterrence.

Ryanair knows it needs to continue diversifying its route network as it continues to compete with several other leading companies in the European space. Interestingly, Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport has confirmed its interest in reducing the share of local flights. The airport wants to ensure it can see more traditional companies take more of a share in the market available.

Despite departing Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, Ryanair is slowing growth and opening new bases across Europe. The airline highlights the incentives present in these new bases, including Copenhagen, which has been open to the airline and offered attractive fees.

Ryanair confirms that Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport did not agree to similar incentives. Aligning with Ryanair’s fun nature, the airline said the company’s departure from Bordeaux would show the airport what it’s missing. Additionally, the airline noted that other airports in Europe would benefit significantly from the airline’s departure.

It isn’t uncommon for airlines to persistently adjust their route network. However, budget carriers such as Ryanair’s network adjustment is all the more frequent as they chase new trends and profitability and attempt to fend off competition.

However, Ryanair’s situation with Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport is a case of two parties being unable to reach a common ground. As a result, starting in November, Ryanair will no longer offer service to and from the airport.

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