Ryanair Cuts Routes From Dublin

Boeing 737 MAX 8-200 ’EI-HMV’ Ryanair c/n 65890, l/n 8228 Built 2022 Seen arriving on flight FR5555 / RYR6CL from Dublin Tenerife South Airport, Grandilla de Abona, Tenerife, Canary Islands 16th December 2022

Ryanair will reduce its presence in Dublin over the upcoming winter season as it looks to move 737 MAX aircraft elsewhere in Europe.

The European low-cost powerhouse will cut 17 routes as it labels launching services to and from other airports to offer them better long-term incentives.

Ryanair and Dublin Airport have since been engaged in a spat that’s seen turbulent times. Dublin Airport, however, has firmly denied Ryanair’s claims.

On its social media, Ryanair claimed that the increase in passenger charges and a rather general failure to deliver a true environmental incentive scheme had led the carrier to have no choice but to remove aircraft and routes.

The Dublin Airport Authority, however, object to such claims. They say that the allegations outlined by the airline are a massive exaggeration of the current situation. It was going as far as saying it was working closely with airlines to increase the incentives.

Ryanair further said that there’d be a 45% increase in costs. However, the DAA rejected this, stating it would only increase 6% in 2024. Thus, there is a substantial drop in what Ryanair has been saying publicly.

Interestingly, the DAA highlighted that Ryanair loves to ignore the facts and get a good story out of the situation instead. This is coming from the chief executive who previously worked with Ryanair.

Daniel Fowkes
22 Sep 2023
· Airlines 

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