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Rolls Royce close to powering new batch of Emirates A380s

Emirates is close to signing a deal which will see Rolls Royce power their latest order for the Airbus A380 with their Trent 900s.

The Emirates A380 Order impasse was first reported just a few weeks ago. Since then though discussions between Rolls Royce and Emirates over the powering of the Airbus A380 have progressed. Discussions first reached an impasse when Emirates noted that they weren’t happy with the performance of the Trent 900s featured on the A380.

A French newspaper has reported that the Emirates and Rolls Royce have reached an agreement which will see their order for 36 additional A380s powered by the Trent 900s rather than the rumoured Engine Alliance ones.

Meanwhile, Sir Tim Clark said to airliner ratings in an exclusive interview “the deal is just about to be closed, it will be Rolls Royce.” Weeks back it was being reported that Emirates were in a similar boat to Thai Airways. Thai Airways and Emirates have been questioning Rolls Royce on their production of engines and whether they were fit to put their engines on aircraft. 

The order impasse was labeled as a big deal because the order saved the A380 program. Should the order for the aircraft not have come through production rates would’ve dropped to an all-time low. Production would have also likely ceased sooner rather than later.

Deliveries also for the aircraft over time have dropped though, specifically with Emirates. The carrier blames production issues for this rather than a contrasting rumour that they didn’t need the remaining A380s for their operations. 

While no date has been provided on when the decision will be announced it is likely it will be sooner rather than later.


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