Record Breaking 2023 For airBaltic

airBaltic has recorded an incredibly positive start to 2023, achieving EUR 104.3 million in revenues for the first quarter.

Not only is this for the Lativan carrier a jump of 74% over the same period in 2022, but also their highest recorded revenue for the first quarter of the company’s history.

For the remainder of 2023, airBaltic wants to offer the best connection between the Baltics and become of the key business centres in Europe for the future. These words ushered by Martin Gauss, the company’s President and CEO, highlight the business’s direction.

There was a 77% jump in 2022’s Q1 performance in passengers, with the airline carrying 769,600 customers. Additionally, this was boosted by an increase in the number of flights performed and the load factor on each respective service. airBaltic says they increased flights by 28%.

For load factors in the first quarter of 2022, the airline reported a 53.4% load factor, whereas, for the same period this year, those load factors rose by 17.5% to 70.9%.

With summer coming up airBaltic is hopeful that with additional services, new routes and more, they’ll see a further strong performance and continue to be a market leader in the region, offering fantastic connectivity and passenger experience.


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