Qantas Warns Airfares Could Rise Further

Daniel Fowkes
26 Sep 2023
· Airlines 
Qantas Airbus A380 captured in Sydney with a Qantaslink aircraft arriving

Qantas has warned that airfares could likely continue to rise as fuel prices increase.

The Australian flag carrier said it would expect a 200 million hit to its bill for the year’s second half as fuel prices remain elevated.

As a result of the hit being taken by the airline, they warn that airfares may continue to rise.

Qantas has been under fire in recent years for the treatment not just of its customers but also employees, and these problems have reached a breaking point in the last month, so news of this comes at the worst possible time when the airline is attempting to restore trust.

Qantas’ incoming CEO, who released her first interview to the public last week, understood the position of Qantas and noted her efforts to restore the brand’s image would be of paramount importance.

If airfares were to rise, Qantas noted it would be to balance the recovery thanks to higher costs and eventually make travel more affordable within Australia.

Despite all of these concerns around raised airfares, calls for further change at an executive level to the group remain a persistent topic, especially with ex and current employees who believe that the direction indeed cannot trend upwards until more is changed.

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