Qantas Strike To Cause Chaos


Strike action has been present in the Australian aviation industry for some time. However, now it’s expected to occur again in the coming days.

Melbourne Airport will be the focus of strike action as those who fuel Qantas aircraft are planning a 24-hour strike.

The strike is expected to begin from 4 am the 8th of March to 4 am the 9th of March. While it primarily impacts Qantas flights, freight companies, DHL and international airlines will be affected.

Workers are headed on strike as they attempt to achieve better pay and also working conditions. The industry is in dire need of additional staff. However, given the current salary for many jobs and the working conditions, employers struggle to find prospective workers.

Workers that are employed by the company Rivet. Around 60% of Rivet’s re-fuelling is strictly done for Qantas, indicating the importance of the workers.

The continued outsourcing of work at Australian airline Qantas during the pandemic, plus new commitments to hire additional workers that were offloaded during the pandemic, some wrongfully, has left many not too pleased.

This all paired with comments from upper executives labelled as “out of touch,” the airline continues to emerge in headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Daniel Fowkes
07 Mar 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. Why would they want to do that to get a pay rise if they are just going to stop working and expect to get better pay. Wouldn’t they want to continue working to at least make money

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