Qantas CEO Supports Qatar Airways Expansion Rejection

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Outgoing Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has backed a decision to reject the appeal by Qatar Airways to grow their Australian operations.

Thanks to Alan Joyce sitting in front of the Senate for the cost of living committee, developments have emerged, including his assurance that flying should be affordable.

Qatar Airways had previously wanted to expand its flights to Australia, equating to 21 services per week extra into cities along the East Coast of Australia. This includes Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. It could’ve added up to $800 million in tourism revenue if granted. However, it was denied the opportunity to do so.

Public reaction following the rejection pointed at the over-protection of Australian flag carrier Qantas and how allowing Qatar Airways to expand could’ve aided prices and provided a more competitive landscape for travellers.

However, Alan Joyce says that the rejection was in the best interests of Australia and protecting the country is of the utmost importance.

The outgoing CEO further said that if Qatar Airways wanted additional capacity, they could send larger aircraft to cities across the country, adding seats.

Interestingly, Alan Joyce believes adding more Qatar Airways flights wouldn’t have impacted airfares, contrary to what was thought. He believes that airfares will naturally come down at some point anyway, but doing so in the proper manner is of paramount importance.

Another consideration is the Qatar Airways expansion into Australia would’ve offered travellers more options for destinations. Alan Joyce noted that capacity would always return and, with it, the possibility to travel to all corners of the globe, whether Qatar Airways was present or not.

Qatar Airways currently offers multiple daily flights into major ports around Australia. It is viewed by many as the perfect airline, with its ideal Doha-based hub geographically positioned in nature to allow those in the Oceania region to access locations in Europe, Africa and more.

Per Cirium for July 2023, Qatar Airways offered 124 flights between Doha and Melbourne, a 100% increase year on year. Meanwhile, there are 62 flights for Doha and Brisbane, 62 for Doha and Perth and 61 for Doha and Sydney. It also operates triangular routes onwards to New Zealand through Adelaide.

Criticism has been equally present for Qantas’ lack lustre international network, which has struggled to meet the demands outlined by Australians. The most recent order announcement for Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s will aid future expansion plans. However, with deliveries continuing into the 2030s, this isn’t an immediate fix.

Alan Joyce also noted that competition is welcomed, but it must be fair on all grounds and be in the best interest of protecting Australia.

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28 Aug 2023
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  1. Absolutely unAustralian to block Qatar airlines added flights. If Qantas offered a product even half as good as Qatar, they would have many more seats filled equating to a more efficient cost ratio. Every airline has had a less than desireable incident occur throughout their history, so get over yourself Alan Joyce.
    Monopolies such as you are backing in Australia do not belong in the competitive world of good business practises.

  2. Alan Joyce is a wan###.

    We should support the Virgin-Qatar alliance.
    Stop rewarding Qantas for offering poor service, poor employer relations and inflated air fares.

    Once a loyal Qantas international and domestic customer, I would certainly sign a petition to allow competition and correct all the bad decisions that Alan Joyce has made. Qantas is now our last choice when flying internationally. I will certainly be glad to see the back of Alan Joyce.

    Start a petition someone…

  3. As sad as it is Qantas is no better than Jetstar, in fact probably worse, just another budget airline in my mind. I fly Qantas for work and have found over the last 4 odd years the planes are becoming problematic (F100) so you are always late departing out of & into Perth & that’s if Qantas don’t cancel the service. I always flew Qantas as a proud Australian but know if I don’t have to I won’t.
    I sat and watched the Irish Parasite become very uncomfortable yesterday it was very amusing, but alas the incoming CEO will be no better, she is a numbers person just like Parasite Man.
    As for Elbow he is a 1 term PM who panders to the Qantas cronies.

    1. Spot on on all counts I haven’t flown Qantas internationally since 1999 when a flight attendant told me that I didn’t want a drink because lunch was going to be served soon, had to point out to her that she was not my mother!

  4. I call it as it is. Not as it should be. Disgracefull Company. Still have my money from 2018 (Jet star).

  5. A disgraceful action by a low grade politician protecting Qantas and neglecting the rights of Australians to have cheaper flights and more options to choose who they fly with. It has been many years since Qantas has been a truly Australian Airline. The airline made a huge profit by fleecing Australians and giving shit service whilst making every excuse under sun for there poor service
    I will not fly Qantas again as other airlines provide a better service then they doand have been doing so for years. It is time to open our sky’s to all airlines and make Qantas compete fairly with others and stop government handouts

  6. The sooner the lepricorn goes the better. He has damaged the Qantas brand and Australians have lost a sense of allegiance to them. His decisions have been all about him at expense of customer service and good employee relations

  7. Joyce is a complete joke,ruined an Australian icon. Sacked everyone and calls it making a profit.Abogreasy slimey prick in cahoots gifting Qantas over 2 billion dollars,apparently not to be paid back.Never fly Quantas never will,this Irish prick has been rewarded for his damages good riddance.

  8. Funny how Qantas lobby the Federal government to stop Qatar which the government agree to then the week after Qantas bring along Jetstar Albo to announce they will support the racist yes referendum campaign. Funny that. Something smells here.

  9. I used to fly overseas a lot and now because QANTAS HAS deliberately kept prices up I won’t go.
    And the quality of service, food and planes are poorer than ever
    As for labour backing the Australian airline ,big mistake.You lost My vote Albo

  10. QANTAS is now a third-world airline with poor service, a miserable reliability record and lies galore from its pathetic management led by Alan Joyce.
    The ACCC needs to intervene on behalf of the travelling public and slap this disgraceful airline with a monster fine it deserves.
    The Albanese government has cravenly blocked Qatar’s bid for more routes in an ill-disguised attempt to support QANTAS. Qatar is far superior in every way and the idiotic block is Australian’s loss. Shame on you Albanese.
    Joyce is on the way out and Albanese hopefully will follow him. Good riddance!
    Dr Derek Sequeira

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