Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Quits

A picture of Alan Joyce, the former Qantas Group CEO

Alan Joyce, the head of the Qantas Group, has immediately announced his departure as CEO.

Joyce has brought forward the retirement by two months in what he describes as an essential move to steady the ship and help the company with its renewal.

Qantas has had a turbulent few years where its image to the public has significantly dropped negatively. As a result, pressures have been placed on the executives running the operation.

However, the tipping point of the acquisition last week from the ACCC was that the airline was knowingly selling and advertising tickets to cancelled flights without informing passengers. This leads to higher airfares and customers losing out on hard-earned funds. Additionally, concerns around flight credit, employment and more have all lingered.

These pressure points have put Alan Joyce front and centre of all criticism headed the way of the flag carrier, and he was expected to depart later this year. However, now his departure means effective September 6th, Vanessa Hudson will assume the Managing Director and Group CEO role.

The best thing I can do under these circumstances is to bring forward my retirement and hand over to Vanessa and the new management team now, knowing they will do an excellent job. There is a lot I am proud of over my 22 years at Qantas, including the past 15 years as CEO. There have been many ups and downs, and there is clearly much work still to be done, especially to make sure we always deliver for our customers. But I leave knowing that the company is fundamentally strong and has a bright future

Former Qantas Group CEO, Alan Joyce

There is a lot of work to be done at the Australian flag carrier to ensure a turnaround can successfully be completed. However, the removal of Alan Joyce is, according to many, the first logical step to enter a new era. An era where most would argue the customers are once more put at the forefront.

According to the general public, the departure of Joyce at a time when allegations are mounting on the carrier speaks volumes about his tenure and recent years at the company that has turned it from the Spirit of Australia to another airline flying customers.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Sep 2023
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  1. He’s been f….ng the Australian PEOPLE for years, earned himself millions, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, to him, SLAP ON THE WRIST!!!

  2. Good riddance, Australia and Qantas will be better for it, shame he didn’t go 4 years ago, greedy gorgon….

  3. He got you Australia and he is laughing all the way to the bank. How dumb are we. Albo & Joice last week, laughing . Great mates. Both tared with the same brush. Australians gets coned so easily. Now we have to advertise in an Irish newspaper for another C.E.O.

  4. Thank god he is gone he is a horrid horrible gusting human being I think deport him back to Ireland or wherever he’s from. I’d love to call him a four letter word but I can’t thank God he’s gone but don’t give him his bonus give it back to the workers. Go gone ugly horrible despicable human being

  5. Should be arrested, charged with operating a Ponzi scheme, (tickets for ghost flights), bail 10 million $A, surrender his passport and be stripped of assets and bonuses from Qantas, pending the guilty verduct in an Australian Court. Enough of these parasites.

  6. It appears the shareholders AND ALBO are in bed with Joyce, simple fix – don’t fly Qantas, fortunately more carriers are available now to make that choice easier

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