Qantas Announces Big Expansion

Qantas Airbus A330-200 VH-EBD

Following its Group market update of September 25th, Qantas has announced adjustments to its global route network.

Notably, thanks to new aircraft deliveries and wet-leasing arrangments, Qantas will be able to boost its international capacity alongside sister airline Jetstar.

The Australian group says it’ll look towards a 12% point increase by the end of the 2023 calendar year as part of its continued commitment to ramping up international services.

Notably, Qantas will resume its Sydney to Shanghai service from October 29th with five flights departing per week. The Airbus A330-200 will be deployed on this service towards major Asian cities.

Meanwhile, the group will utilise Brisbane as a critical gateway for new services of Brisbane to Wellington and Brisbane to Honiara. Jetstar will launch a new Brisbane to Tokyo service too.

Currently, the Qantas Group is undergoing its most considerable fleet renewal process in group history, with new aircraft arriving every month and continued commitments to aircraft such as widebodies and narrowbodies. As such, new route opportunities become available, such as the ones aforementioned and likely more in the future.

Daniel Fowkes
26 Sep 2023
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  1. So they are going to give their A330-200s an even bigger hammering on long haul flights. Qantas is now a second tier airline with old aircraft that should have been replaced a decade ago. The A380s don’t fit with modern day versitility and the 737 fleet is suffering unairworthy problems. What a mess.

    1. Some of those 330s are just on 10 years old and they’ve ordered a320s a220s and 787 10s. Do some research.

    2. Qantas has served itself. They need better competition to lift their game. As for safety, yes they are safe. So are many other airlines. Passenger experience is not good. You don’t get value for money. At the end of the day, QF is just a bus service. Nothing to be proud of.

      1. Post

        The idea of competition is always an interesting one, especially when some would say QF are overly protected nowadays.

  2. How about expanding services to the NT with decent full service aircraft NOT clapped out passed down A320’s and E190 from other partners.
    Part of the current Qantas currentc tyrannical arrogance cult.
    That’s right Qantas put the better aircraft on shorter routes and the banged out ones on the 3-4 hr routes to the top end at the inconvenience of the paying customer.
    A mess allright.

  3. Adelaide international flights with qantas.. sorry Qantas dont offer other than flying out of syd, Melb and Bris. Thank God we have Singapore Airlines and Qatar who support Adelaide.

    1. But without Qffp. Same Perth. Always dubbed Qantas the Sydney airline now can be called EastCoast airline.

  4. Qantas don’t even offer the services that Sydney is provided with. It should be renamed “the Sydney Airline. What a joke this airline is.

  5. That is good news. However, this will not improve their brand reputation which does impact their market share.

    Look at seriously investing in regaining customer confidence after years of very poor service.

  6. And little ‘ol Perth is ignored by Sydney’s Airline and stays an aviation backwater with nothing to nowhere if you want to use classic reward ffp

  7. I find it interesting that flying travellers, bag the QF line, when after this site reported groundings by virgin on 737’s, in Australia, is totally swept under the carpet.
    QF has the safest customer record, and this costs money to maintain.
    Unfortunately, customers do not always see the real workings of an airline.

    1. Post

      That could be an option for another airline later down the line too, Johannesburg though is seeing an increase from Sydney

  8. What about Melbourne. Qantas is Sydney centric airline…what is it going to do when Melbourne becomes the largest city within five years?
    This is why despite 40 years as an FF member, 25 years as a club member I no longer fly with them

  9. What about Melbourne. Qantas is Sydney centric airline…what is it going to do when Melbourne becomes the largest city within five years?
    This is why despite 40 years as an FF member, 25 years as a club member I no longer fly with them
    This is the only comment I have made

    1. Post
  10. Forget even considering flying to ADL Adelaide for international setvices you gave up on us 20 years ago….Better overseas airlines fly here often weekly and we can literally go to major world cities and hubs on 2 flights on the newest aircraft available and by far much cheaper than Qantas with far better service and benefits… My last 8 OS world trips in 7 yrs from ADL have be on Emirates, Singapore, Malaysian and Qatar airlines who happily service our past awarded ‘World’s Most Liveable growing 1.65m pop. City” regularly each week and all of those flights leave here and return full !!….. go figure QF ???

  11. Service issues aside, to me, having seated on QF aircraft after almost feeling like gambling with my life on some Third World airlines in certain countries, I feel like I’m safely home!

    1. Post

      The onboard service at Qantas is always amazing. It’s a shame that other areas of the business have seen massive let downs.

  12. Qantas board has to go along with their tricky “Gombeen man “ Joyce. They have become a virtue signalling predatory organisation. During the catastrophic flooding in Brisbane some years ago I was on a business trip in India, on the news I saw my local suburb inundated. Qantas website stated they would assist people affected by the floods.
    I tried to rebook my return ticket for an earlier flight. They wanted to charge my work colleague and I an extra $2000.We refused and booked the alternative offer; Mumbai to Brisbane via. Singapore then Perth (overnight in Perth ) and on to Brisbane early the next day. On the Mumbai to Singapore leg I mentioned to the flight attendant about our rescheduling via Perth as I was asking for information on the flooding, all I knew was my business premises and home were affected, power and internet were out. He was visibly upset and angry when he said the flight we were on was less that half full and going on to Brisbane after a short stopover in Singapore. He asked for our boarding passes and tickets and took them to the captain who informed him to tell us we were to return to Brisbane on his flight and he would make the arrangements.
    .Qantas is not a national carrier it is a national disgrace caused by a dysfunctional board but the working staff are fantastic.

    1. Post
  13. I was a loyal Qantas customer for 18 years. Last year I had many bad experiences- damaged bags with no compensation, dint get flight credits inspite of follow ups. I dint renew my qantas club membership and now fly virgin domestic flights and emirates international flights. Qantas is a perfect example of corporate greed. Absolutely self centred management.

  14. Why there is no direct international flight from Adelaide by Qantas if it claims that it is an Australian national airline.
    We need at least one direct flight to Singapore from Adelaide by Qantas.

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