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Philippine Airlines A340 Retirement Imminent

In the past 24 hours, firm confirmation from Flight Global and the Vice President of Corporal Communications at the Philippine Airlines has been received and it notes that their A340 retirement is imminent. Prior to this confirmation, many people had rumoured that the aircraft type had already been retired and scrapped, however, Philippine Airlines have not retired all their aircraft but are very close. The airline is currently keeping just one A340-300 and is on hand should there be a severe technical issue. 

When discussing the retirement and future aircraft he said “We actually made a decision to retire them sooner rather than later,” Adding “We might have an announcement to make at some point. There is one aircraft we can use if [there are] technical difficulties with one of our 777s or A350s.”

Philippine Airlines chose to retire its A340s quicker than originally expected, this was down to the rising fuel prices and also operating costs which simply made it not feasible to continue operating.

Perez continued on by saying “[Utilisation is] very low. It may fly to Los Angeles or San Francisco, and then be parked again. Right now, we’re reviewing that. We might have to make a decision at a certain point to ground all the aircraft.”

Despite seeing the A340s departing the airline, the carrier couldn’t be happier with their brand new A350 which they note to be serving them incredibly well. That aircraft already operates to the likes of Heathrow, Los Angeles and soon New York from its hub in Manila. The New York service will be commencing later this month. 

Seeing the A340s operate their last scheduled service with Philippine Airlines and with just one left at the carrier marks the end of an era for quad engine jets, with the 747-400 also being retired across the final few airlines operating the unit, next-generation aircraft, like the A350 and 787 have quickly taken over and replaced these now inefficient aircraft.

Credit: Tosh Aoki 


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