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Perth to London Flights are a Success!

Qantas launched their non-stop flight from Perth to London in March of 2018 and since then it has received mixed reactions with many vouching for how much easier it makes life with others preferring the more conventional way of flying with various stopovers either through Dubai or Singapore. However, stats indicate that the Perth to London route has been an overwhelming success for the Australian carrier.

Qantas over the course of recent months experienced fantastic load factors while also offering passengers earlier than usual arrivals with flights regularly arriving into Heathrow 30 to 40 minutes early of the scheduled arrival time. The flight between Australia and London are 92 to 94% filled in the premium classes, this makes the route the highest performing route on the entire international network with Qantas. In addition, an announcement and or decision on Paris flights will likely be coming within the next 6 months.

The 787s will continue to come into the airline with two currently in Everett at the final assembly line and completing flights respectively. From then the airline will have a quiet patch before 6 more 787s arrive between 2019 and 2020. These final six 787s will result in the queen of the skies departing the Qantas fleet in late 2020.

The news of the success on the Perth to London route comes as Qantas announced record levels of revenue for the first quarter of this year. A Qantas spokesperson said that their Perth to London route is performing exceptionally. 


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