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Out of Control Air Astana E190 Lands in Portugal

Yesterday an Air Astana ERJ-190LR reported it had lost all control of the aircraft. The flight was known as KC1388 and originated in Lisbon.

According to Air Traffic Controllers, the aircraft reported a total loss of control after multiple exchanges with the ATC. Shortly after this two F16s was scrambled to the jet.

PK-KCJ the aircraft in question had planned a sea ditching as they believed this was the best option, however, another alternate option was an emergency landing if the weather was good enough for a visual approach.

Flight radar date further indicates how the aircraft not only rose in altitude but also dropped and continue to climb then dropped back down. The same can also be said for the speed of the aircraft which continued to fluctuate. As the aircraft was on final approach for its emergency landing it disappeared from the radar.

Around 10 minutes after the aircraft disappeared from radar it was confirmed it had landed safely on runway 19 right of an airbase which was around 180 kilometers or 90 miles southeast of Lisbon.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, no passengers were onboard the aircraft as this was the aircraft’s first flight back after some maintenance. It’s also been noted the aircraft wasn’t able to land on its first attempt no doubt because of the loss of control.

The original flight was only set to be 30 kilometers and as mentioned just it was a ferry because of the maintenance, therefore there were only a few onboard.

Flight history shows the aircraft had been undergoing maintenance for a month before it completed this flight.


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