Norwegian Purchase Of Wideroe Faces Barrier

Norwegian announced that it would look to acquire Wideroe as part of consolidation in the market some time ago.

However, those plans are under substantial scrutiny as competition authorities in Norway have flagged the potential purchase.

The governing body believes that such a collaborative effort that would see Wideroe become part of Norwegian may impact the overall travel market within Norway.

As a result, the intricacies of the deal will be put under a fine microscope to determine if it can still go ahead.

Such deliberation isn’t uncommon within the industry. Usually, carriers looking to merge, expand partnerships, or do something else in the same realm will see regulators closely inspect the deal.

The primary purpose is to understand whether a tie-up or collaborative effort will jeopardise other companies and negatively impact customers with potential rises in airfares.

Norwegian, however, wants to work closely with the authorities to ensure approval can be granted. The authority has substantial power over whether the deal can go ahead, and ultimately, a thorough review will take place before an agreement can be approved.


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