Northern Pacific Airways Launch Delayed Again

northern pacific airways boeing 757

Upcoming U.S based airline Northern Pacific Airways has once more delayed its launch through July 14th.

The airline revealed in 2022 was aiming to operate services from Anchorage, Alaska, to ports in Asia, focusing on a model similar to Icelandair. Since, however, there has been an outbreak of war in Ukraine and seen a closure and ban in Russian airspace. As such, they’re pivoting to Las Vegas flights from Ontario to begin flights with their 757s while they seek to complete the required documentation for those journeys.

Northern Pacific Airways had initially sought a June 2nd launch. This was pushed back to June 23rd before being rescheduled to July 14th. The carrier will look to operate exclusively with Boeing 757s.

The airline needs to finalise its regulatory process before it can finally commence commercial operations. How long it flies the Ontario to Vegas route remains to be seen, especially following a chunk of their initial target period has been removed due to delays.

Also, past their Las Vegas flights, it is unclear what they’ll do with their Boeing 757s. However, the team has proactively found solutions by venturing into the Pacific to explore endeavours.

As shared in a video above, the airline continues plucking away. It has been striving to achieve its FAA-supervised mini evacuation, with the team showing enthusiasm at passing. Forward Media, who has Northern Pacific Airways as a client, says that proving runs is next as the company enters its finals stages before launch.

Long-term, the airline still targets services to Asia. However, when that remains a more significant question, the focus now is on getting their planes in the air.

Daniel Fowkes
19 Jun 2023
· Airlines 

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