Northern Pacific Airways Begins Passenger Flights

The first Northern Pacific Airways Boeing 757 captured at San Bernardino International Airport during the launch event

The newest U.S. airline officially launched revenue service on the 14th of July after overcoming multiple hurdles.

The short hop from Ontario in California to Las Vegas was the selection for the first route operated by a 757-200, which has raised question marks, but for Northern Pacific, they want the plane in the air and see this as a good launching step.

Northern Pacific had been scrambling to secure all the regulatory approval before they could launch revenue service, which is why it had been forced to push back its launch numerous times.

Initially, as outlined during the business reveal, the plan was to fly these Boeing 757s from Alaska to ports in Asia and back to cities in the United States on a triangular route.

It was a model that would closely follow the likes of Icelandair. However, when 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine’s airspace and restrictions as a new airline meant it wouldn’t be possible yet to complete these missions. As such, their focus needed to shift for the time being.

The ultimate long-term goal is to stick to that plan and boost tourism in Alaska, and they already have an airport terminal ready and waiting with a lounge and facilities.

It’s about getting the required documentation to begin this part of the journey. Some have slated 2024 as when they hope to do such a thing, but only time will tell.

Daniel Fowkes
16 Jul 2023
· Airlines 

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