Norse Atlantic Airways Announces Big Improvements

Daniel Fowkes
10 Apr 2024
· Airlines 
Norse Atlantic Airways has unveiled several significant improvements, representing a successful winter season as it continues building.

Norse Atlantic Airways is celebrating a successful end to the winter season. The company sees significant improvements year over year across several key business areas.

Notably, the carrier massively improved its load factor across the season, with a 22 percentage point increase to 82% year over year.

In March alone, an impressive 324 flights were offered, including 46 charter flights. Norse says that 73% of its flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. However, Norse says one of the more standout features was the successful completion rate of services, which stood at 100% for March.

Norse highlighted the passenger carried and load factors, which indicated that their March 2024 was considerably better than the previous year. 85,652 passengers were carried in March, up a staggering 103% year over year.

March demonstrated a strong end to the winter flying season with impressive year on year
increases across all key figures. The month saw an average load factor of 82 per cent, representing
an increase of 22 percentage points (p.p.) year on year. During March, Norse Atlantic Airways had
85,652 passengers across 324 flights, including 46 charter flights. 73 per cent of flights arrived
within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time with a completion rate of 100 per cent.

The charter market was a success highlighted by the CEO and Founder of Norse Atlantic Airways. The company attempted to navigate the turbulent winter period by making its aircraft available for other missions. The 46 total charter flights represented the highest in a month since the airline launched operations several years ago.

Additionally, the significant load factor climbs position Norse well to meet summer demand from June to the early stages of October, which typically are their best-performing months.

In the coming months, Norse says it’s encouraged by the positive growth in March and will look to build upon that. The busy summer schedule is expected to see 12 aircraft operated at the height of peak months, resulting in a substantial increase in passengers carried.

Operating exclusively with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the carrier will use this aircraft to its advantage when serving long-haul destinations such as those in the United States and elsewhere.

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