New Air Force One Livery Revealed

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, revealed the livery for the upcoming VC-25BS to be delivered and eventually operated as Air Force One.

The livery moves away from the previously put forward design change by former president Donald Trump. Instead, it sticks with the iconic blue and colour scheme, with hardly any changes being made.

The updated aircraft will be developed from the 747-8 base model and highly modified to perform the required capabilities.

Air Force One up close with the new livery.

Three primary differences have been outlined. Including that the light blue is slightly deeper. Meanwhile, there’s also a more modern tone on the robin’s egg blue. In addition, the VC-25Bs will use a darker form of blue that is featured around the cockpit area. Finally, they say there’s no polished metal section as modern commercial aircraft doesn’t allow it.

These deliveries are expected to occur in 2027 and 2028, a considerable delay on the initially scheduled arrival date. However, once entered into service, they’ll play a pivotal role in the operations of the US Air Force.


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