Monarch Airlines Unveils Updated Livery

Monarch Airlines updated livery

Monarch Airlines has officially unveiled its updated livery as it readies for a relaunch into the market.

Monarch collapsed in 2017 and has since remained a thing of the past in the industry until recent developments highlighted that the scheduled operator could make a return.

Relaunching as an airline for the people, new details are consistently emerging, and now Monarch has shared a first look at the livery it’ll likely relaunch with.

The scheme moves away from all previous elements of the former Monarch branding. Instead, it goes for a purple Eurowhite design with a simplistic M followed by a line below it for the centrepiece. Additionally, there’s a small logmomark towards the front of the aircraft and purple engines.

The livery update sees the carrier move away from the traditional crown design that made it an icon in the skies and towards something more simplistic.

Before its collapse in 2017, Monarch was an airline often appreciated by many, only highlighted through travellers’ discussions following news of Monarch’s return emerging.

The company is still in the early stages of relaunching but is firmly under the mindset that it wants to re-enter the industry. It won’t be the first to do so, especially in recent years, but its larger mission will be to turn out better than Flybe’s return, which lasted less than a year of regular flying.

Daniel Fowkes
30 Aug 2023
· Airlines 
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  1. What great news, at last an airline which cares for their customers. Many happy hours travelling with them , the airline crew were so friendly and professional , it made light work of the hassle of today’s flight.

  2. Fantastic news about monarch . Welcome back to the sky’s. Looking forward to booking our holidays and flights

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