Monarch Airlines Set To Return To Flying?

Monarch Airlines Airbus A320

Monarch Airlines, a British charter and scheduled airline that collapsed in 2017, could be looking to return to the aviation industry per new reports.

The new ownership of Monarch revealed their upcoming plan indicating their intent to build a brand new Monarch, just for the people.

As part of these developments, the revelation that Monarch Airlines Limited and Monarch Holidays Limited had been passed onto new ownership was shared across social networks.

Monarch had been a mainstay of the European travel industry for some time before it eventually was forced into collapse, this before it could welcome next-generation aircraft to bring it forward.

With the substantial return of travel following the COVID-19 pandemic, the potential return of Monarch to the industry has sparked many questions, including whether revisiting a brand that had previously failed is worth it, especially after previous similar scenarios that only resulted in a prolonged death once more.

Monarch ultimately hopes to return to the Holiday market, offering customers more opportunities. However, how they’ll be able to achieve this remains to be seen. While the news has left the industry shocked yet excited, there are concerns that the change six years since its collapse means a place for it no longer remains.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Aug 2023
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  1. I have to say I’m an avid fan having travelled for years with the airline. They pioneered the all in cost of flying and it’s something I hope they do on their return. An airline has to be brave enough to make changes to the horrendous add ons and my hope is they will do so.

    1. Er likely no as it is a British holiday company. Not many people would want to go to Washington for holiday with Monarch. I think they’ll be a more of an easyJety type airline

  2. I have worked at Gatwick for years. It was a very sad sight seeing Monarch go, however it’s demise was down to poor management. I would love to see them return.

  3. I used them to fly to gibraltar. They were the best as no one has matched them no disregard to BA or EASYJET

  4. We travelled with Monarch many times in the past,
    Staff were brilliant service was excellent all the time.
    Hope that they do come back, we never had a problem in anyway.
    Hope that they get permission to fly from

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