Major Global Airlines Suspend Israel Flights

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Following the escalating tensions in Israel, more global airlines are suspending flights towards the country.

Asia-Pacific Airlines Suspend Flights

Key airlines within the Asia Pacific region have suspended flights to Tel Aviv, citing safety concerns.

This includes notably Korean Air, which announced its October 9 service between Incehon and Tel Aviv would remain grounded to continue cancellations.

Cathay Pacific, meanwhile, has cancelled its October 10 flight departing from Hong Kong. While only an initial cancellation for one date, the expectation is further updates will follow for services in the future.

Air Astana has announced the suspension of flights towards Israel. This means it won’t operate towards Tel Aviv until advised otherwise.

Air India has temporarily suspended service to Tel Aviv at this stage, with the carrier noting it’d resume flights on October 14. However, many would argue this won’t occur, given the escalating situation.

Hainan Airlines represents another integral part of Tel Aviv’s Asian operations. It notes that while its Shanghai Pudong flight won’t operate. Other scheduled services are slated to continue, at least for the moment.

U.S. Airlines Suspend Flights

Major U.S. carriers such as United Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines announced their intent to suspend flights to Tel Aviv yesterday.

The carriers cited the safety concerns and escalating tension as critical catalysts.

Delta notably announced today that it would suspend flights through 31 October. However, once this suspension concludes, another review will determine the best course of action.

Other Global Airlines React To Israel Conflict

In response to the ongoing conflict in Israel, key European airlines have also suspended operations to and from Israel.

Notably, Air France-KLM Group, ITA Airways, Wizz Air, Norwegian, Ryanair, and easyJet have all suspended operations for the time being.

Some carriers continue to fly towards the country; however, they are adjusting timings and are wary of the ongoing situation.

El Al Continues Operating, Adds Flights

El Al has looked to increase operations in direct response to the multiple global airlines cancelling flights and suspending operations to and from Israel.

Additionally, it has viewed an increase in flight as essential to bring people back to Israel to help with the mobilisation.

Daniel Fowkes
10 Oct 2023
· Airlines 

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