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Lufthansa to Order the Boeing 787?

Lufthansa in recent days expressed their interest for a new wide-body aircraft, noted to be the Boeing 787. In addition to the 787, it is also an option to take onboard more Airbus A350s, an aircraft which they already operate making the introduction of the additional aircraft seamless.

Lufthansa wants to order at least 20 new wide-body jets and wants to finalize the order in the next few months. This is according to Reuters who received information from people close to the matter. The airline is communicating though with both Airbus and Boeing over this. Similar to what Qantas is going through, Lufthansa has already put forward proposals to both Airbus and Boeing working out which aircraft suits them best. 

The A350 is already operating with Lufthansa and in October 2018 while the carrier placed an order for 25 A350s it does have options for a further 30 if it wishes to activate this. As the airline is looking for 20 new wide-body jets this may be the logical decision. Especially as the carrier is looking to reduce fleet complexity. Adding new aircraft types would lead to their fleet being expansive and complex. 

With a deal looking to be finalized in the coming months, Lufthansa has quite the decision on their hands.




  1. Like with Thai, more A350s just make sense in terms of fleet commonality. With the exception of the 777X, the airline has an all-Airbus widebody fleet, especially when Lufthansa can simply firm up some of its A350 options.

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