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Lufthansa Teases A380 New Livery Reveal

What’s going on with Lufthansa and their Airbus A380? The airline has recently appeared across various social media networks, most notably Twitter with cryptic messages about their Airbus A380. 

It all started with a tweet from the Twitter account @LufthansaNews who are officially connected with Lufthansa. They said the following “Big things are coming our way. Stay curious and enjoy the weekend. #HappyFriday” Attached was a picture of their Airbus A380, instantly this sparked speculation with replies saying asking questions about their A380 and an A380plus order. To find the root of the rumour we have to track back to October 23rd when a tweet was published stating “A friend of mine heard through a friend of his that Lufthansa is ordering up to 15 A380neo aircraft.” Below that, another tweet was formed correcting the error and that said “And by neo I mean plus. Just quoting my friend here.”

Whether it’s a coincidence or not the tweet revealing an exciting announcement about the A380 was imminent is interesting. Realistically though, an order for the A380plus could be the last thing occurring, many have already stated that apparently, October was the month outlined for the first A380 with the airline to roll out in the new livery. There is a thread dedicated to this rumour on 

In this forum, people have gone back and forth giving their opinions on what has occurred and what will actually happen in the future. The logical explanation is the rollout of their new livery, this is as the current structure of Lufthansa wouldn’t really suit a new A380 order. Other possible outcomes include the retrofitting of the newer winglets found on their A380plus onto their current aircraft. This is certainly an option rather than ordering brand new A380s. Another outcome is the complete refurbishment or updating of their cabin. 

Others were quick to criticize the tweet spreading the news of a potential order as after all it says “a friend, of a friend.” No doubt whatever Lufthansa has to reveal will be welcomed with open arms. 


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