Lufthansa Cancelling Flights Tomorrow


Off the back of an IT failure yesterday that impacted services for the airline across Germany and the globe, Lufthansa is now prepping for a significant strike that’ll take place tomorrow.

Lufthansa is expected to cancel more than 1,300 flights tomorrow from its significant hubs of both Frankfurt and Munich. It comes as trade unions strike, meaning Lufthansa, airports, and more cannot field enough workers to operate routine passenger services safely. It’s a one-day strike that has been called.

While departures out of the two German cities have been cancelled, inbound aircraft have also seen their arrivals cancelled as servicing the arriving planes will not be possible. This means the strike will stretch to other airlines but impact none more than the Lufthansa Group.

It’s been a rough week for Lufthansa. The airline, as mentioned first, experienced a system-wide IT outage. This cancelled flights and impacted tens of thousands; however, with a strike imminent, the implications will only be felt heavier across the group.

KLM, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Air France, United Airlines and LOT Polish have all been impacted the most, alongside Lufthansa Group with cancelled flights. This is per data from Flightradar24.

We regret the enormous impact of this warning strike which is being carried out at the expense of our passengers. We are not a party to the collective bargaining and have no influence on it – nevertheless, our guests are massively affected. More than 1,300 flight cancellations for Lufthansa Group airlines alone show once again how vulnerable and fragile the air transport system is to strike activity.

The Member Of The Executive Board And Chief Officer Of Human Resources And Infrastructure At Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa finally notes that by this weekend, they expect their network to recover from the strike taking place fully.

Daniel Fowkes
17 Feb 2023
· Airlines 

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