Lufthansa A380 Back In Munich

Lufthansa is currently plotting the return of its Airbus A380s to service for this upcoming summer season. As a result, Lufthansa has sent an Airbus A380 to Munich in preparation for the eventual resumption of passenger services.

Lufthansa’s first A380 returned to Frankfurt last month, and the flag carrier is continuing to prepare to welcome the world’s largest passenger plane back.

The airline’s decision to return the type came following a multi-year hiatus stemming from the emergence of the global pandemic. Lufthansa announced the retirement of the fleet. However, it has faced an unexpected quick rise in demand and continued delays in deliveries for upcoming aircraft.

Once airborne with passengers, Lufthansa’s A380s will fly through to the United States with Boston and New York JFK seeing service resumption in the first week of June.

Lufthansa will return four Airbus A380s to service initially.


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