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London Gatwick outlines Master Plans for Second Runway and Expansion

London Gatwick have released plans for a second runway. This second runway may not potentially be built from scratch according to the master plans. The plans outlined indicate that the second runway will potentially be the current standby runway. The idea has been labeled “innovative” by the Gatwick Chief Executive. The airport believes through using their already established second runway they’ll be able to land planes by the mid-2020s. It’d mean that the airport would further expand its capacity to 70 million passengers annually by 2032. A goal which would further see London grow in terms of tourism and connectivity. However, this runway in the master proposal will be used for short haul departures only. If they went ahead they would need to move the runway 12 meters to the north. The main reason why they need to move the runway 12 meters to the north is to comply with the international safety regulations, as right now it’s too close to the main runway for planes to depart and land safely. 

The Chief Executive Stewart Wingate said “Our draft master plan offers agile, productive and low-impact ways of unlocking much-needed new capacity and increased resilience from within our existing infrastructure,” Meanwhile the operator of the airport stated “This method of using the runways would mean that there would be no change to arrivals flightpaths, although some departing flights would take-off slightly further to the north,” 

Other plans have been unveiled in addition to the use of the potential second runway. The airport has said that they could use brand new technology to increase the capacity of their current runway. There is also the plan to build a brand new second runway to the south. 

The tick of approval has been given by the MP of the area Henry Smith who welcomed all the proposals with open arms saying “I have always supported the airport growing within its existing boundaries and welcome their exciting new vision for incremental growth that will support more jobs and opportunity in Crawley.”

Credit: Andre Wadman



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