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Lion Air 737MAX Crashes into Sea

A Lion Air Boeing 737MAX has crashed shortly after takeoff. Flight JT610 lost contact with air traffic controllers after departing from Jakarta. The flight was operated by the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and is now the first major incident involving the MAX aircraft, the registration to the MAX 8 was PK-LQP and was only delivered to Lion Air at the beginning of August this year. Making it a few months old and in most cases, newer aircraft are the ones we least expect to be hit by problems.

Flight radar data has started appearing and shows the rapid descent of the MAX jet, the aircraft plummeted in speed and also altitude at  6:20am local time from Jakarta. Reuters received information from a spokesperson for the Indonesian rescue agency that stated “It has been confirmed that it has crashed,” 

According to the spokesperson the aircraft lost contact with controllers only 13 minutes into the flight at 6:33am local time, this was when it was over the sea and according to all reports, it did indeed crash into the sea. The 737 MAX 8 aircraft is capable of seating up to 210 passengers.

Meanwhile, a tugboat according to a Jakarta based radio station notified the VTS or Vessell Traffic Service that they spotted an aircraft plunging into the waters. While this is unconfirmed the ADS-B data from the flight would indicate that the plane certainly did plummet.

A spokesperson for the airline said “We can confirm that one of our flights has lost contact, its position cannot be ascertained yet,” later confirming that it had indeed crashed.

It’s been confirmed that 189 passengers and crew were onboard the aircraft

This story is developing,


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