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Korean Air eyeing Big Widebody Order

Korean Air may be set to give Boeing another big order as the airline attempts to streamline its current fleet.

The airline which is based in South Korea believes that its current fleet isn’t streamlined enough and a new big order for Boeing aircraft, noted to be the 787 may help steer them in the right direction. The airline operates Airbus and Boeing aircraft, ranging from the A220 to the 747-8i and has been pleased with its 787-9s which it still has 10 options for.

The airline is eyeing a streamlined fleet and believes now is the perfect time with some of its aircraft on the way out. Streamlining will allow the carrier to reduce costs.

Speaking to reports Walter Cho, the President of Korean Air said “We have too many fleet types now. Consolidating in one large order will help reduce maintenance costs and pilot training,”

“There is a very high possibility we will expand our fleet on the 787. The 777X would be a good replacement for our current 777 generation.”

The airline is still keeping all options open with the A350 being kept in mind according to Cho, “and we are also keeping in mind the A350 as well.” Time is currently on the side of Korean, with a decision potentially coming next year.

Cho was quick to praise their current fleet saying “We are pleased with our current fleet of Airbus and Boeing,” adding though, “But they are starting to show their age.”

The airline will be receiving its first 737MAX and A321neo in 2019 and with a new potential order for a widebody aircraft, their fleet replacement plans will be progressing rapidly.

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