KLM Could Lose 1,000 Flights To The USA

KLM Boeing 787-9 at Amsterdam Schiphol

The ongoing slot restrictions at Amsterdam Schiphol, set to take effect in 2024, are wreaking havoc on significant carriers within the aviation industry.

According to a report from De Telegraaf, KLM joins the long list of impacted carriers.

However, talk over KLM losing flights and cutting capacity over Schiphol’s downsizing date back to 2022. This is when talk first emerged over changes to how the airport operates.

What’s Happening To KLM?

Over a thousand flights towards the United States could be at risk. A negative development following KLM’s extensive operation out of Amsterdam Schiphol.

All this comes following the outlined and current plan to reduce the flying schedule out of the airport in 2024.

As a result of the slash in capacity, airlines such as KLM could be forced to cut flights to appease guidelines.

Ultimately, for KLM, they don’t want to be in a position where they lose flights towards North America. This is due to its importance as a market for the company and collaboration efforts with key carriers.

The Amsterdam Schiphol Slot Problem

The Amsterdam Schiphol problems regarding available slots and capacity have resulted in an ongoing legal process.

Despite this, the capacity reduction would result in a substantial decrease in overall operation, which, for many airlines, is not the news they want to be hearing.

Following the global pandemic, travel demand has rebounded significantly quicker than most had anticipated, and carriers have scrambled to expand their operations and rebuild.

A reduction in overall flights out of Amsterdam Schiphol per most airlines would represent a step back in the global airline recovery. It would additionally limit KLM from capturing key demand from markets.

JetBlue Already Lost Flights To Amsterdam

Major U.S. carrier JetBlue has already lost its slots towards Amsterdam. Only months are commencing service.

Amsterdam was meant to slot into the transatlantic network as an essential destination. However, the airline won’t have slots to operate thanks to new restrictions being implemented by mid-2024.

This theme is expected to continue in 2024 as more airlines cut capacity. It’s disappointing for airlines that had viewed Amsterdam as a hugely important location.

Daniel Fowkes
11 Nov 2023
· Airlines 
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  1. I guess KLM will be in bankruptcy mode not before long and loss of tourism will affect the economy.
    A mistake in the making : an airline de- sizing in the future :(((

  2. WTF? It is a very unfriendly business environment when there are fewer flights that will cost more to fly. Air travel is still the safest way to travel. Go figure.

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