Bomb Threat On Jetstar Flight Causes Emergency Landing


A Jetstar Japan flight has been forced to make an emergency landing following reports of a bomb threat. After the landing, the plane was investigated, and it was determined that there was no bomb, or for that matter, any explosive device found.

The aircraft arrived at Chubu Centrair International Airport following its emergency landing. While the plane landed safely, Jetstar Japan reports that five passengers were injured while leaving the aircraft. However, the injuries were determined to be minor and didn’t require hospitalisation.

The bomb threat came from a caller who requested to speak with the manager. The caller claimed there was 100kg of plastic explosives in the aircraft’s hold, which he would detonate. It was later determined that the call came from Germany.

Situations like these, whether they’re a ruse or not, have to be taken with an extreme amount of seriousness. Protecting passengers, staff, those below and more are crucial. In addition, repercussions for sending threats to flying aircraft are severe.

Jetstar Japan has 22 aircraft in its operations. Consisting of 19 Airbus A320s and 3 Airbus A321s, as per data from Cirium. The airline offers the most flights per month out of Tokyo Narita, with 214,324 for January 2023, followed by Fukuoka International, with 69,720 for the same month.

Jetstar Japan Airbus A320 JA16JJ – BriYYZ
Daniel Fowkes
08 Jan 2023
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