Jetstar Announces Major International Expansion

Daniel Fowkes
15 Dec 2023
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Jetstar Boeing 787-8 at Melbourne Airport

Jetstar has announced major plans to boost its International schedule from Melbourne in 2024.

As a result of the decision, capacity will ramp up to key destinations in Asia and New Zealand. Jetstar promises to offer more low-cost fares, making travel more affordable.

Breaking Down The New Flights

From April 1 2024, during the peak periods, Jetstar has announced it’ll be increasing service towards New Zealand.

Utilising its Airbus A320, the airline will fly up to 13 weekly return flights from Melbourne to Auckland. This is up from the currently 8 per week offered.

Melbourne to Christchurch will also increase from 3 flights per week to 5 as demand grows to the South Island.

Away from service to New Zealand, the airline has also announced it’ll utilise its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner to boost flights to several Southeast Asian cities. These adjustments are slated to commence during peak times on June 17, 2024.

Melbourne to Singapore will move from 6 weekly flights towards a daily return service, representing a minor yet vital increase to reach the daily milestone.

Jetstar says Melbourne to Phuket will see 5 return flights offered per week. This is an increase from the current 3 per week the low-cost carrier has in its schedule.

Lastly, the carrier part of the Qantas Group will increase flying to Bangkok with five return weekly flights, up from the previous 3.

Melbourne Becomes Focal Point For Expansion

Jetstar’s CEO Stephanie Tully has said that Melbourne has quickly become a crucial part of the network.

The airline says that those from Melbourne love to travel, meaning outbound flights are always busy. However, away from this, the demand to travel to the city is also present.

International tourists come from all corners of the globe to indulge in the culture, food, art and sports. By Jetstar adding service to popular Southeast Asia cities, they’ll meet this demand and offer over 100,000 new low-cost fares.

Arrival Of The A321neo LR Eases Pressure

In recent years, Jetstar has taken delivery of the Airbus A321neo LR. Since the first delivery, the units have arrived in numbers to help aid growth.

The initial order of 18 A321neo LRs will be all delivered by the end of 2024 per Jetstar’s latest guidance published in August of 2023.

While the A321neo LR has allowed new international routes to open, it has also eased substantial pressure on the Boeing 787-8.

Previously, the 787-8 was doing the bulk of the international work, and now, with the A321neo LR, more 787s can be freed up to either launch to new cities or increase flying, such as these developments from Melbourne.

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