JetBlue Reveals New Livery


JetBlue has revealed a significant change in its branding with a livery update.

The airline based in the United States will now see an evolution that moves the company ahead into its next era. The first aircraft to sport the change is their Airbus A321, equipped with the Mint business class suites.

Notably, the most significant change comes in the form of full-body paint representing the blue of JetBlue while also a substantial upgrade to the aircraft’s tail. With time all aircraft in the JetBlue fleet will see their livery updated to reflect these changes. It’ll be a lengthy process and tie in directly with each respective unit’s touchup schedule.

JetBlue’s logomark will be more significant with the refresh. Meanwhile, the tail pattern replaces the existing design and will drag down the aircraft’s body. Winglets have also gotten a revamp with vibrant colours featured throughout. All part of JetBlue focuses on enhancing its identity and being seen and visible more widely across the country.

JetBlue has always been known for its vibrant tails, from different designs featuring widely across its fleet. This is part of maintaining an image and ensuring you never truly get bored of seeing JetBlue in the skies or on the ground.

Daniel Fowkes
15 Jun 2023
· Airlines 

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