Hawaiian Airlines Reports Loss

Hawaiian Airlines’ performance across the second quarter of 2023 has been announced, with a loss being a focal point of the release.

However, while a loss of USD 12.3 million for Q2 2023 was reported, the company can still be pleased with the improvement over the same period one year prior, where losses closed in on USD 50 million.

The Hawaiian-based carrier said that demand remains strong across its network. However, operations significantly benefited thanks to increased bookings by travellers in Japan.

The Japan to Hawaii sector is hugely important t for Hawaiian Airlines and, as such, has been an essential part of the recovery for the airline; without this market, the company’s situation would be far worse for wear.

During the second quarter, to reflect the importance of Japan, it resumed services to Fukuoaka on a thrice-weekly service. Meanwhile, Rarotonga saw a weekly service commence alongside gateways in the US Mainland and Cook Islands.

Looking ahead, one of the biggest stumbling blocks has been engine reliability on the A321neo aircraft. While a handful remain grounded, the outlook is optimistic that the source of the problem has been identified for this A321neo batch powered by Pratt and Whitney aircraft.


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