Hawaiian Airlines Faces Emergency Landing


Last week a Hawaiian Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Los Angeles. The aircraft was operating a routine flight from Honolulu to San Diego, flight 16.

The flight was scheduled to arrive in San Diego at 8:10 pm local time. However, it diverted to Los Angeles following a potential hydraulic failure. The aircraft safely touched down at 6:30 pm local time.

A look at the route with a diversion to Los Angeles included.

The airline reported no injuries, however, given passengers stuck in Los Angeles buses were organised for the journey to their initial destination San Diego. The two cities are roughly 2 hours away by car.

The Airbus A330s for Hawaiian Airlines is the backbone of its long-haul operations and supports Hawaii’s global connections. Soon the arrival of the Boeing 787 will provide additional support.

The emergency landing comes almost a month after severe turbulence saw 25 injured on a flight from Phoenix to Honolulu.

According to a preliminary report by the NTSB, the captain operating the service said conditions were smooth until a cloud shot up. The pilots could not react or change course and said severe turbulence might be inbound. However, it had already hit at that point, resulting in injuries.

Daniel Fowkes
17 Jan 2023
· Airlines 

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