Hans Airways Struggling Massively


UK carrier Hans Airways hopes to launch low-cost long-haul flights between its base in the UK and India. These attempts have failed over multiple years. However, the company has remained persistent.

Now though, the airline has reportedly given up its only Airbus A330. The airline released a statement saying that the financial criteria outlined by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority have made launching difficult. However, far more significant issues persist around the business, from the funding to the business model and more.

Hans Airways only ever had one Airbus A330 to their name, and this aircraft operated test flights. The aircraft was registered as G-KJAS. An A330-200E that previously flew with Air Europa before transferring to Hans Airways under an operating lease with Carlyle Aviation.

The airline will seek new investors and lessor partners to launch; however, whether that will be possible remains to be seen. It’s a startup that has had its fair share of doubters. No one can have an aircraft sitting around, not operating flights forever, especially a lone unit.

People have said that history repeats itself, and there have been solid criticisms of Hans Airways for trying to launch without substantial backing—the airline’s emergence of the global pandemic didn’t aid, no doubt.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Feb 2023
· Airlines 

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