Go First Suspends Operations Further

Daniel Fowkes
27 May 2023
· Airlines 

Indian carrier Go First has said it’s continuing to suspend operations through to May 28th at the earliest, with this still subject to change and likely to continue being extended.

The company cites operational reasons and issued a statement online saying that they apologised for any inconvenience caused to their customers who had previous bookings with the airline.

A decision to continue the suspension of flights comes as the company ceased flying at the beginning of May, while at the time, they were keen on resuming operational challenges meant doing so would be difficult.

Go First must submit a revival plan to the DGCA, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. This revival plan will allow the airline to have any hopes of continuing scheduled passenger flights once operational difficulties are patched up.

The company, however, has far more concerns than just submitting a revival plan with engine issues stemming from supply chain problems at manufacturer Pratt and Whitney affecting their ability to operate. Additionally, the airline is undergoing a voluntary insolvency solution process.

Pratt and Whitney say they don’t have engines available for Go First. However, interestingly Pratt and Whitney say Go First has no rights over them either. So the debate is headed towards the court.

Concerns regarding the repossession of planes from lessors have become a pressing matter for Go First. Therefore, even retaining most of their fleet will prove difficult under current conditions.

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