Go First Ceases Operations


Go First, an Indian low-cost-based carrier, has announced that it will cease operations.

A decision that has been spurred on by the global engine crisis has put the company into a situation that is unattainable to continue flying.

Critics have called the collapse of Go a long time coming. However, the Pratt and Whitney engine crisis has really killed the airline.

Go says that “Pratt and Whitney refused to comply with an award issued by an emergency arbitrator appointed in accordance with the 2016 Arbitration rules. That order directed Pratt and Whitney to take all reasonable steps to release and dispatch without delay to GO FIRST at least ten serviceable spare leased engines by 27 April 2023 and a further ten leased engines per month until December 2023.”

The company further adds that if Pratt and Whitney could comply with this, Go would be able to return to operations by the third quarter of the 2023 calendar year. However, given the continued engine shortage, how likely it is that these conditions are met drops significantly by the day.

Reliability issues, among much more, have continued to hurt Go over the years and have meant sustaining a robust network and operations have become impossible.

While Go will do everything in its power to resume operations, they are ultimately limited by Pratt and Whitney.

Daniel Fowkes
03 May 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. Sounds like Go First could have been the victims of planned industrial sabotage,and if so who paid fot this “error” to have happened ,and most importantly who benefits from it?

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