GlobeTrotting was established in September of 2022 after months of preparation work. Launching as the second channel in the Dj’s Aviation family, the intention for this platform has been to cover the aviation industry analytically, truly analysing critical moments in history, airline decisions, manufacturers’ aircraft and everything else in between. As the name suggests, the ambition is to Globetrot and leave no stone unturned regarding coverage, moving from Africa to Brazil as the month progresses coverage-wise.


GlobeTrotting, unlike Dj’s Aviation, is powered by a team of small writers, each located in a different part of the world, offering a unique perspective on industry developments. Each writer utilises their passion and insight into the industry to create carefully written pieces that provide viewers with fantastic levels of insightful data.


In 2018, when Dj’s Aviation pivoted to analysis and news, the driving force of the growth of the channel was analysis. However, as the years progressed, the content moved solely to breaking news coverage. However, this meant the world of analysis was neglected hence spurring the idea of a secondary platform where evergreen content could thrive, the beauty of having GlobeTrotting on offer is content can be consumed at any point, unlike breaking news, topics can be viewed weeks, months or even years down the line, ensuring they have longevity on the platform.

Mission Statement

GlobeTrotting at Dj’s Aviation aims to inform the masses about the aviation industry, told through an analytical perspective. The ambition of the small team is to answer burning questions from around the world while diving into historical aircraft, airlines and moments that helped shape today’s aviation industry. Similarly to Dj’s Aviation, the content is specifically catered to an audience with any knowledge level. So whether you’re a seasoned pilot or someone that hasn’t heard of Boeing, you’ll be able to follow, understand and take in the analysis pieces. All part of the goal of GlobeTrotting is to bring more people into the aviation sector.