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FlyJamaica 757-200 Runs off Runway in Guyana

A FlyJamaica Boeing 757-200 was involved in a landing incident in Guyana.

The aircraft which was headed to Toronto was operating flight OJ256 and had been in the air around 5 to 10 minutes before it turned back to the airport.

Conditions were good at the time of the landing which was the early morning. The aircraft, therefore, landed in the dark.

There were 128 people on board the 757, this consisted of 120 passengers and eight crew. Reports indicate 6 of the people onboard sustained injuries during the incident.

It appears the aircraft ran off the runway into the perimeter fence and sustained major damage. The aircraft sustained damage to its engines, landing gears and more as it collided with the fence.

Pilots reported a technical problem with the 757-200 shortly after takeoff, this forced them to return to the airport.

Details on what cause of the incident, despite reports of a hydraulic issue are still unknown. 

This aircraft is the only 757 within FlyJamaic and is registered as N524AT.


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