Flair To Send Boeing 737 MAX To Bonza In Australia

flair airlines boeing 737 max

Canada-based Flair Airlines will send aircraft towards Australian low-cost airline Bonza to reduce operating costs and enter into a further partnership.

As part of the reciprocal partnership, two of Flair’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will go to Australia to operate with Bonza during the busy summer holiday season.

The two additional aircraft will be hugely important for the upcoming plans laid out by Bonza that’ll see Gold Coast become their third base with over 70 weekly flights to destinations across the Eastern part of the country. However, the lease will only be temporary to aid their partner.

While all this is an example of the benefits to Bonza during their summer season, the sharing of assets will mean Flair Airlines can enhance its own business thanks to Bonza in the future. Likely this would take place during the peak season for Flair.

Bonza has four in-service Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, and for August has, per Cirium data, 636 flights logged spread across 17 destinations. Meanwhile, Flair Airlines has 21 aircraft in service spread across multiple aircraft types. It has 3,056 flights logged for August 2023 spread across 28 destinations.

Daniel Fowkes
04 Aug 2023
· Airlines 
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